Holistic Dentistry: A Natural Approach to Dental Care

Lifestyle Dentistry adopts a unique approach to dental care, known as holistic or biological dentistry. This approach emphasizes the correlation between oral health and overall well-being. Dr. Aja Nichols, who leads our team, has an in-depth understanding of the mouth-body connection and recognizes that oral health problems can impact your general health. Holistic dentists view the mouth as an integrated part of the body and focus on treating the root cause of dental issues rather than solely addressing the symptoms. 

Common treatments offered by holistic dentists differently

Given our understanding of how oral health issues can impact overall health, we advocate for safe dental restorations that promote the well-being of your entire body. However, it’s worth noting that some people may view holistic dentistry as contentious since most of its practitioners do not subscribe to conventional treatment methods. As an illustration, here are some dental procedures where holistic dentistry diverges from traditional dentistry.

  • Fluoride treatment: Your traditional dentist may recommend fluoride application to combat cavities. While fluoride helps to prevent cavities, holistic dentists believe it can be absorbed in your body and cause health problems in the future. Dr. Nichols will help you understand the beneficial side of topical fluoride versus ingested fluoride. 
  • Mercury fillings: Many traditional dentists still use amalgam dental fillings to treat cavities. We don’t use mercury-filled dental fillings. Instead, we use biocompatible, metal-free restorations to avoid introducing new problems to your body.
  • Root canals: Holistic dentists are more conservative with root canal treatment. Traditional dentists use root canals to treat infected tooth roots. Holistic care dentists argue that teeth treated with root canals increase the risk of infection in the mouth, setting off your immune system. Again, Dr. Nichols will have a thorough conversation with you regarding your concerns with anything.

Comparing and contrasting holistic dentists and traditional dentists

Holistic dental care addresses similar problems to conventional dentistry. Both offer general dental care, including dental cleaning, cavity treatment, crowns, and digital x-rays. Holistic dentists have the same educational background as traditional dentists. The difference? Holistic dentists have additional training on safe mercury removal, oral microbiomes, acupuncture, and other natural dental care methods. 

Holistic dentists don’t just look at your mouth — they will ask about your sleep, diet, and exercise regimen to understand how your lifestyle affects your dental health. We aren’t one-dimensional when resolving your dental issues. Our all-rounded approach treats symptoms and the source of the problem. This way, we provide a long-lasting solution to prevent your issues from recurring in the future.  

Secure your smile with holistic dentistry

Would you like to optimize your dental care with a holistic dentist in Smyrna, GA? Please call 678) 884-4494 to talk to Dr. Aja Nichols of Lifestyle Dentistry. We are happy to get to the bottom of your symptoms to support your smile for the long term.