Dental Veneers, The Easy Way to Achieve a Breathtaking Smile

Dental veneers are an excellent option for hiding minor cosmetic flaws, such as chips and cracks in your smile. If you are unhappy with the minor imperfections in your smile and have been seeking treatment options to correct them, you are at the right place. At Lifestyle Dentistry in Smyrna, Georgia, Dr. Aja Nichols and her talented team can have you walking out the door with a fresh, new smile with dental veneers.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin handcrafted porcelain shields worn on the front of the tooth which improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, cracked, stained or worn. Veneers are thin as contact lenses, and are an aesthetically pleasing option of closing gaps, lengthening teeth, and providing symmetry to make your smile more natural.

What To Expect When You Visit Us for Your Veneer Treatment

The first step to obtaining your dental veneers is to visit your cosmetic dentist for a consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate. The dentist will take X-rays and impressions and discuss your veneer goals. They will also create a mock-up with images to show you how the finished product will look.

You will undergo a two-appointment process once you are deemed a suitable candidate for veneers. During your first appointment, the dentist gently removes a small amount of enamel from the tooth to create a space for the veneer to fit securely. Then, impressions are taken to create a putty mold of the teeth. This mold will be sent to a remote lab where your final veneers will be crafted.

Before you leave your initial appointment, temporary veneers will be applied to the teeth for comfort. You will then head back out to resume your day wearing your temporary veneers. Once your permanent veneers arrive, you will return for your second appointment. We will remove the temporaries and place your permanent veneers. To do this, we will apply an acidic gel to the surface of your prepared tooth to allow the permanent veneers to bond securely. A special light is used to harden the cement, and the veneers are bonded within minutes.

The Versatility of Veneers

Veneers have become incredibly popular over the past decade because of their versatility and the wide range of issues they can remedy. Veneers are crafted using porcelain, which is a light-reflective material that is able to closely resemble your natural tooth’s enamel, resulting in a completely natural look. Our veneers can be used to close minor gaps between teeth, giving an attractive appearance to the smile. Veneers can also alter the appearance of any teeth that may be rotated or poorly aligned. Other dental issues veneers can conceal include:

  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Teeth worn down due to chronic grinding
  •  And more

Because veneers can help with a wide range of dental issues, our patients are constantly asking about this treatment!

Walk Out with a Brand New Smile

Walk Out with a Brand-New Smile

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Aja Gilmore-Nichols, DDS

Dr. Aja Nichols

Aja Gilmore-Nichols, DDS, attended dental school in Indiana and served in the US Navy for five years before settling in Smyrna, GA. After receiving her Georgia licensure, she worked for ‘corporate dentistry’ and a mobile dental company caring for underserved elementary and middle school children before opening Lifestyle Dentistry in 2016.

Dr. Nichols focuses on the ABCs of dentistry: Airway, Breath, and Cosmetics. With a mission to “do the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons,” she likes to educate her patients so they can make informed decisions. She aims to provide relationship-focused dentistry that helps her patients achieve their dental goals.