Comfortable, Subtle, and Convenient Orthodontics with Clear Aligner Therapy

When you see a photo of yourself, do your eyes immediately go to your overlapped or crowded teeth? Misaligned teeth not only detract from your smile but also complicates your oral hygiene. Years back, metal braces were the only go-to solution for orthodontic issues, but no longer. Today, you can opt for clear aligner therapy – a system that uses discreet, removable, and comfortable aligners to move teeth – no conspicuous metal wires and brackets.

Lifestyle Dentistry in Smyrna, Georgia, truly values the importance of a straight, healthy smile. However, we always want to ensure you get your ideal smile without hassle, pain, and delays. Dr. Aja Nichols and her dedicated team are pleased to offer invisible teeth braces as a convenient solution for achieving a beautifully straight smile.

How clear aligner therapy works

Lifestyle Dentistry proudly offers clear aligner therapy, including SureSmile® Aligners, Candid Aligners, and Reveal Aligners, to help patients achieve straight teeth without metal braces. Like Invisalign, clear aligner therapy uses minimally invisible trays to apply gentle but constant pressure on teeth to move them into the desired position.

When transforming your smile with clear aligners, the first step is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Nichols. She will review your teeth, bite, and general oral health to determine your suitability for adult aligners. Furthermore, we’ll review your budget, smile goals, and other needs to craft a treatment plan that only suits YOU.

Once aligned with treatment, we digitally scan your teeth and create a 3D rendering of your mouth to determine how and when each tooth progresses toward perfection. With this predictive approach, we can establish a clear treatment timeline and confidently anticipate the outcome of your smile. There’s no room for uncertainty in this process!

Once your aligners are custom-crafted by our partner lab, you’ll wear each set for two weeks before switching to the next in line. Generally, your treatment takes 12-18 months, but milder cases can take as few as six months! However, to ensure your treatment works faster, wear your aligners 20-22 hours daily, only removing them when eating and cleaning your teeth.

After treatment, we’ll advise you to wear a retainer to maintain your hard-earned results.

Benefits of clear aligner therapy

Want to straighten your smile with clear braces? Here are some benefits to look forward to:

  • Uninterrupted oral hygiene
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Great for metal allergies
  • Fewer in-office and follow-up visits

Think you are too old to straighten your smile? Clear aligner therapy from Lifestyle Dentistry can help you attain a straight, healthy smile at any age. Please call (678) 884-4494 to reserve a consultation today!

Aja Gilmore-Nichols, DDS

Dr. Aja Nichols

Aja Gilmore-Nichols, DDS, attended dental school in Indiana and served in the US Navy for five years before settling in Smyrna, GA. After receiving her Georgia licensure, she worked for ‘corporate dentistry’ and a mobile dental company caring for underserved elementary and middle school children before opening Lifestyle Dentistry in 2016.

Dr. Nichols focuses on the ABCs of dentistry: Airway, Breath, and Cosmetics. With a mission to “do the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons,” she likes to educate her patients so they can make informed decisions. She aims to provide relationship-focused dentistry that helps her patients achieve their dental goals.