Overcome Gum Disease with Effective and Minimally Invasive PerioProtect Trays

My gums bleed a little when I brush. Should I be concerned? It’s a big deal because the culprit could be gum disease. Since this oral disease is asymptomatic in the early stages, it silently causes damage, and you know it when it’s too late. 

One way to stay ahead of gum disease is by practicing good oral hygiene. Unfortunately, even to the most diligent brushers and flossers, gum disease can still occur. So, you need to build another layer of protection for your oral care by scheduling regular dental appointments with Lifestyle Dentistry in Smyrna, Georgia. We have the skills and tools to detect gum disease before it causes irreversible damage. Additionally, when we spot signs of periodontal disease, we use PerioProtect to halt the infection. 

Treating gum disease with PerioProtect

Periodontal disease occurs when harmful bacteria infect your gingival tissues. Dental cleanings can keep gum disease in check, but the cycle continues when you return home. Bacterial cells resurface after hours because your toothbrush and dental floss can’t reach all areas of your mouth to stop the infection.

Does that mean you spend time in the hospital until you are infection-free? No! We offer custom-made trays to fight gum infection conveniently at home. If you are a suitable candidate, we will take your bite impressions and send the images to a lab to fabricate your trays. And you need minimal preparation — you only need to try your trays when they arrive. 

PerioProtect trays come ready to be filled with its specific medication; you just need to wear them for 10-15 minutes daily, and sometimes twice a day. Since they snugly fit over your gums, these trays deliver medication precisely deep into your gums to stop the infection. 

Who is a perfect candidate for PerioProtect?

Perio trays don’t cured gum disease — that’s the work of flossing, brushing, and regular dental appointments. However, once plaque and tartar move beneath your gum line, your at-home care can only do so much. If the calculus buildup isn’t addressed, infection irritates your gums, and your gums start pulling away.

PerioProtect trays reduce the need for surgical treatments. And if you need further interventions, this minimally invasive treatment perfectly complements deep dental cleaning, flap surgery, and other treatments. PerioProtect discourages the growth of bacteria colonies, keeping your gums healthy.

Treat gum disease comfortably with PerioProtect

Most patients love Perio trays because they are convenient and painless. What else would you want? If you wish to combat gum disease in Smyrna, GA, please call 678) 884-4494 to talk to Dr. Aja Nichols in Lifestyle Dentistry about PerioProtect treatment.